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What Your Starsign Means

What Your Starsign Means

Mar 16, 2023

Carriann Featherbe

Personalisation is a key trend in jewellery, and one that’s here to stay. After all, what’s not to love about wearing precious pieces that represent a part of you? 

To celebrate our new-in Zodiac Symbol Ring at LostPost, we thought we'd dive into what makes each star sign unique – from personality traits to personal style.


Feisty, bold and passionate, your vibrant energy is your calling card. You're the quintessential trendsetter, eager to embrace new styles and fashion. In love, you completely give your heart and soul. 

SYMBOL: The ram's horns describe your ability to batter down obstacles and fearlessly forge ahead. 



Organisation holds the key to your success, so you thrive in a well-structured routine. Gentle caresses soothe your sensual soul. Earthy tones, beautifully cut clothing, and luxurious fabrics suit you to a T.  

SYMBOL: The face and horns of a bull depict your headstrong nature and unwavering loyalty. 



You’re a master communicator and wordsmith, Gemini. And you love a party! The social butterfly of the zodiac, you spread friendly cheer with a dash of cheeky banter. Your fun, flirty style shows off your playful personality. 

SYMBOL: The twins represent your talent for multitasking and versatility. 



Your tender heart overflows with emotion, dear Cancer. Yet, your inner strength and resilience should never be underestimated. Sympathetic and nurturing, you're a natural-born mother. Sentimental jewellery holds a special place in your heart. 

SYMBOL: The crab depicts the tough exterior that protects your super-sensitive soul



Regal, magnetic and uber fabulous, you belong on a pedestal. Your charm captivates. Dressing up is one of your favourite pastimes, and you're always red carpet ready. When it comes to style, you prefer jewellery that's big, bold and sparkly. 

SYMBOL: The lion's mane portrays an air of aristocracy, strength and pride. 



The ultimate perfectionist, you strive for excellence in all you do. Matching your outfit with the proper accessories is an absolute must! As an earth sign, you prefer classic jewellery over statement pieces. 

SYMBOL: Derived from the ancient Greek word for ‘virgin’, your symbol depicts purity, modesty and divine femininity. 



A true romantic, you tend to fall in love with love itself. If any sign was meant to find their soul mate, it’s you, Libra. Friends call on you to mediate disagreements. Style-wise, you epitomise elegance and grace. 

SYMBOL: The scales represent your eternal quest for balance, peace and harmony. 



You're not interested in superficialities. Instead, you seek out topics with substance and passionate people. For you, love is an intimate connection where you share your rawest, most authentic self. Your mysterious style likes to keep people guessing. 

SYMBOL: The scorpion's stinger eliminates those that do you wrong while protecting your loved ones.



Who doesn't love an optimistic Sagittarian? Your brutal honesty delivers nothing but the truth, and you're always up for an adventure. Sporty and outdoorsy, your clothing and jewellery suit a lifestyle that's always on the move. 

SYMBOL: The archer's arrow points towards high ideals, philosophies and strong beliefs. 



Ambition plus excellent work ethic makes you the most successful sign. Responsible, serious and reserved, you command respect. Although you take some time to settle down, once you give your heart, it's for keeps. Your dress sense is classic and timeless. 

SYMBOL: Derived from Greek mythology, the mythical sea goat depicts wisdom and conquering the odds. 



You stand up for the underdog and pursue causes close to your heart. Unconventional relationships suit your desire to dance to the beat of your own drum. You're brilliant, kind and everyone's friend. Style-wise, you're undeniably unique. 

SYMBOL: The water bearer depicts waves of water or electricity, speaks of humanitarian pursuits, and is driven by the greater good. 



As the sign most likely to possess psychic abilities, you're sensitive, imaginative and highly intuitive. You have a thing for rescuing stray animals and fixing broken people. Yet your soul's purpose is to master self-love. Often artistically gifted, you express yourself with creative flair. 

SYMBOL: Two fish swimming in opposite directions encourages you to go with the flow rather than against it.