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Aluminium Jewellery Care & Information

Aluminium Jewellery Care & Information

Mar 17, 2023

Carriann Featherbe

Care Guidelines for Aluminium Jewellery

A lightweight metal, aluminium won't corrode, tarnish, or make you turn green like certain other metals. Yet that doesn't mean that aluminium doesn't need to be maintained in order to remain glossy and bright. Learn how to take care of your custom-made aluminium jewellery by reading on!

To start with, keep corrosive chemicals away from your aluminium jewellery to stop it from oxidising and losing its lustre. While cleaning, applying wood stain, or performing other jobs requiring chemicals, remove your aluminium bracelets and rings. Be mindful that if your jewellery is worn while swimming, taking a shower, doing dishes, etc... the darkened imprinted parts may fade. It usually doesn't like water, like all jewellery.

How To Re-Ink Your Stamped Jewellery

To re ink your jewellery you can use on of these two easy methods.

Method 1
You will need:
-Permanent Marker
-Soft Cloth

Using the permanent marker colour in the letters/imagery with your pen, ensuring to get into the gaps. Before the marker pen is completely dry, around 3-5 seconds after applying use your soft cloth to gently wipe away the marker. 

Ta dah! As good as new.

Method 2
You will need:
-Coloured Nail Varnish 
-Nail Varnish Remover (ideally acetone)
-Cotton Pads

Using your choice of nail varnish colour in the letters/imagery with the nail varnish brush ensuring to get into the gaps. Leave the nail varnish to dry (around 5 minutes, you don't want it to be sticky) When completely dry, apply some acetone to your cotton pad, then use the cotton pad to gently remove the nail varnish from your ring, gently rubbing the surface as to not draw the nail varnish out of the stamped areas.

Please feel free to contact me directly if you'd like any further help.

Adjusting Your Cuff Bracelets

Before making any alterations to your aluminium bracelet cuffs, please read this entire section.

The characteristics of metal in general allow for the adjustment of several cuff bracelets. Up to a quarter inch larger or smaller can be achieved by opening or closing them.

Do not squeeze the aluminium bracelet after placing it on your wrist. Squeezing the cuff places all of the strain on the bracelet's centre, which could make it less durable. Types made of very heavy, thick metal or those with inlaid stones across the length of the front and sides are NOT easily adjusted.

To avoid damaging it or giving it a strange form, adjust it carefully.

To adjust, remove the cuff and using both hands on the cuff gently bend the open end, then repeat with the other side to ensure they are evenly adjusted. Each time remembering to gently bend and make small adjustments each time so you can check to make sure the cuff isn't bending too badly out of shape.